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People's House in Lviv (1891)

People's House in Lviv (1891) -…

In the People's House (Lviv, Theater str., 22) October 3 – 5, 1891 hosted the 2nd Congress of the Ruthenian-Ukrainian Radical Party, whose chairman was Ivan Franko.

With People's House connected a lot of episodes of Franko's life:

- While studying at university (1875 – 1877) Franko used the library the People's House;

- In the People's House occupied several rooms "Academic circle", a member of which Franko was in 1875 – 1877 years;

- At the beginning of 1876 here was held music and orator evening, where Ivan Franko performed for Lviv citizens for the first time with verse "Raising of sun";

- November 1, 1898 in the People's House was held meeting on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the "Aeneid" Kotliarevsky; in this meeting participated Franko;

- 26 December 1899 in the hall of the People's House held a founding congress of the National Democratic Party, which included Franko;

- December 8, 1903 in the People's House was held children's evening on the occasion of the anniversary of composer Mykola Lysenko, which was attended by Franko and hero of the day;

- July 15, 1906 in the great hall of the People's House was held the evening in memory M. P. Dragomanov where Franko spoke;

- June 15, 1913 in the same room was a concert to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the writer's work of Ivan Franko, where he attended the hero of the day.

In addition:

- The was the place of action is the last chapter of the novel "Petrii and Dovbuschuky";

- Ironic description of People's House given in the poem "Botokudy".

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Photo by M. I. Zharkikh, April 7, 2012.